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We've all been there before.  You really should be exercising but there are just so many excuses not to.  If one of your excuses is because you have to wash and blow dry your hair after each visit to the gym, then we have the answer for you.

A Hare's Hair Blow dry Card is the perfect solution, just ask our fabulous client Rosalie.  Like your gym membership where you can visit as often as you'd like, our Blow dry card entitles you to as many blow dry's as you need in a one month period.  Rosalie has a workout each day at a City gym, then comes to Hare's Hair straight after for a wash and blow dry.  Not only is this the ideal solution for after the gym, but all those times when you need to look your best - job interviews, business meetings, long lunches and a night out with your friends.

Come in and see us or give us a call and we can talk you through the ins and outs of our Blow dry card. 


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What would you do if you won the lottery?

"I would invest the lot!  Actually, I'd maybe just keep a bit for myself for a few little luxuries along the way."

What hairstyles are you liking at the moment?

"I love all of the varying concepts of the bob , like the "lob" which is a long bob and the "wob" -  a wavy bob.  This is a great style for any woman as it suits all ages and face shapes and makes everyone look a little glamorous."

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

"I would have to choose Paris because of the history of the city and I would love to see all the amazing architecture."

What aspect of styling hair do you enjoy doing the most?

"I love blowdrying and waving hair - the quintessential American blowdry.  It looks very fashionable and makes my clients feel like their hair is differnent from the everyday.  It makes everyone feel spoilt and luxurious."

What's your guilty secret as far as TV shows go?

"The Real Housewives of Melbourne.  Love it!"


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Margaret was recently invited to add her bridal hair expertise to a wonderful group of skilled professionals.  Their goal was to create the Autumn cover of Queensland Brides. 

The sweeping upstyle brought to fruition needed to be old world inspired and had to incorporate the stunning crystal and pearl headpiece.  Margaret combined lush volume and intertwining folds with a French-roll inspired concept.  Add a touch of 1920s boho - the classic vintage style with a twist! 

Margaret agrees that the concept for your wedding day upstyle all starts with your gown.  "I design a style to compliment the dress.  You need to paint a picture - like a work of art.  It is most important to get the correct balance between the dress and the bride.  I create a synergy which flows through all aspects of the event."

The consultation is the most important part of your planning.  It is where you get to discuss your ideas with Margaret and she can design a style which is individually tailored to you. 

The trial is your opportunity to witness the total look for the first time and is always an enjoyable occasion.  It's where you get to finally see your dream hair turn into a reality.

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What do you love most about being a Hair Stylist?

"I love making my clients feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.  I enjoy teaching them what best suits their own personal style and I learn from them as well.  We have some great discussions about favourite restaurants and fun places to visit, we catch up on all the gossip too!"

What is your best haircare tip?

"Use a L'Oreal Steam Pod at home.  It makes your hair feel nourished and keeps it healthy at all times.  It's so easy to use and gives you fabulous results."

Your favourite celebrity style?

"Khloe Kardashian.  Her hair is always changing.  She keeps it long and wavy and the colour changes from blonde to a dark chocolate ballyage.  It suits her funny personality and makes a statement as she is never afraid to voice her opinion."

What do you tell all of your clients?

"Use a Heat Protectant Spray before using any styling tool.  They protect your hair from the heat and the environment, and are great to use even if you are letting your hair dry naturally." 

Best advice you've ever received?

"Every woman should know a good shoe repairman, a good hairdresser, a good beauty therapist, and keep her feet and toes beautiful and polished.  Never date a man whose shoes can fold in half, never date a man with balls on his socks, never date or marry a man who is better looking than yourself.

Most of all, never leave the house without colour on your lips."

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Want to be a better braider? Here are some of our favourite quick and easy tips to help you braid your hair.

1. Start with a simple style

Fishtail braids are one of the easiest braids to do as you are only dealing with two strands of hair.  It's also great to play around with the classic three strand braid, and watching tutorials online can be a great help if you're not quite sure where to hold your fingers.  Once you’ve mastered these styles you can start building on your braiding skills and try more complicated styles.

2. Embrace messy hair

Your braids aren’t going to be perfect first time and that’s ok.

Messy braids are fabulous and can look better as they are more modern and less child-like.  It doesn't matter if you have pieces of hair poking through here and there, just go with it.

3. Your hair doesn't have to be perfectly clean

If your hair is too clean and soft, it won’t stay in place and will fall out of your braid.  You can use volumising and texturising sprays to mess up your clean hair if its just not complying.  On dirty hair, you can just use dry shampoo on the roots and let the braids cover up the rest. It’s a perfect style solution for those days when you really should have washed your hair.

4. Practice

You know the saying, "practice makes perfect."   This is also true with all things hair.  Everytime you have a spare moment in front of the television - braid your hair.  Grab your friends, children, nieces etc and get braiding.  It’s a fact that the more often you do something, the better you become at doing that thing.  You will be surprised at how fast you improve!

5. Experiment

Try different kinds of braids, start your braids from different points on your head, wear them loose or pin them up - the list is endless! 



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Just because you're 65, you don't have to get a helmet hairstyle with your Senior's Card.  In fact, a younger look and lighter colour can take years off your face.   If you're blonde, try highlights. If you have dark hair, go for caramel highlights or go a shade or two lighter all over. There are two things to consider for a great hairstyle at any age. First, you must find a hairstyle that flatters your face shape, then you must consider your hair texture. Coarse hair usually needs to be worn longer and fine hair should be worn shorter and layered if you want any sort of body.

Here are several different styles that work with your age rather than against.

Classic Bob: Why It's Flattering

It gives the face an instant lift by drawing onlookers eyes up the diagonal from the nape of the neck to the chin. The angle creates the illusion of lifted cheekbones and a higher jaw, making the bob a great choice if your face is showing the effects of gravity and your skin is starting to sag.

Choppy Layers: Why It's Flattering

Multiple short layers create fullness and volume, making this a good cut for those whose hair is a bit thinner on the sides or on top. Long hair lies flat and can show the scalp, but short, shaggy layers throughout help hide thinness. They also add breadth to your face, counteracting gauntness.

Long Layers: Why It's Flattering

Long hair is youthful, but this tasteful length doesn't come across as wannabe 20-something.  It draws attention to and highlights the collarbone, a flattering area on women of any age. The soft layers in the front open up your face and make the style more modern than a blunt cut.

Soft Side Sweeping Fringes: Why It's Flattering

Not only do fringes help hide forehead wrinkles, but sweeping them to the side draws attention to the outsides of your cheekbones, visually widening the face and creating the illusion of youthful fullness.  As a bonus, this type of fringe can be incorporated into any of the other three styles.


helen mirren     Susan-Sarandon
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It can start in a subtle way. Noticing more stray hairs in the shower as you shampoo; not being able to style your hair the same way you used to; or a photograph on a sunny day that highlights an area with 'see through' patches. Whether its moderate thinning or more severe hair loss, it can be worrying. However this is not simply vanity.  We believe that our hair is tied up with our identity, and so it is extremely important that those of us with thinning hair should be well aware of all the facts.

The words thinning and loss are often used interchangeably when it comes to hair, but there is a difference.  Hair thinning can be where the diameter of each individual hair reduces and each strand becomes weaker and finer over a long period of time. Hair loss is where we experience excessive hair fall beyond the normal amount that we shed daily. Either way, the overall result is that we feel that we’re losing volume.

Those of us with thin hair can all do some things to make our hair look denser and feel thicker. If you use the right products then washing your hair can actually help make your hair feel thicker, shinier and easier to style. Those specially formulated for thinning can also help maintain a healthy scalp, and lightweight conditioners will add shine without weighing the hair down.

Serioxyl Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner will cleanse and condition your hair, whilst leaving hair looking fuller.

A great volume boosting styling product is another essential, and using certain blow drying techniques can also help hair to appear thicker and fuller. Serioxyl Aqua Mousse lifts the hair at the roots for a volume boosting effect.

The Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum is to be used daily, preferably at night. You should firstly split your hair into sections, creating partings in your hair. Apply 8 pipettes to the scalp along the parting lines. Make sure that your scalp is covered with the product, and massage the scalp with the fingertips until the serum has been absorbed. Do not rinse the hair, and leave the scalp to dry naturally.


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Have you ever wished for hair like Rapunzel but not wanted to spend your days waiting for it to grow? 

If so, you need to come and see our resident Hair Extension expert Dina.  We only use 100% human hair of the finest quality, and Dina uses a weave method to attach the hair.  What this means is that your hair doesn't get mistreated by having glues, tapes or damaging beads added.  The natural hair is braided, and then the extension hair is weaved or sewn into the braid.

You also need to make sure you care for your extensions properly to ensure you get the best results.  We recommend you treat your hair gently, and Dina can discuss with you which products will suit you best for your haircare regime once you leave the salon.  Care needs to be taken when brushing and always use a wide tooth comb or detangler to make sure you are not pulling your hair by trying to remove knots. 

Your extensions should last between 10 - 12 weeks before you need to have them moved - if you have cared for them properly.  The hair itself will last for more than a year if you have followed Dina's advice and used our recommended L'Oreal products at home. 

Dina advises every hair extension client to come and have a complimentary consultation so she can discuss all the do's and don'ts, and she can answer any questions you may have.


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What is your favourite city you have worked in?

"It has got to be New York.  It truly never sleeps and the fashion is just wonderful."

What do you love most about being a Hair Stylist?

"Everyday is different and my clients ensure that it is always interesting."

Best Haircare tip?

"Use Pureology Dry Shampoo.  It makes your hair easier to work with and stops your hair from being washed too much.  It also reduces the colour-stripping effects of water which will make your colour last longer."

Your favourite quote?

"It's all or nothing."

Funniest Hairdressing Experience?

"I was in a cafe in Melbourne and a woman across the room bent down to tie up her shoelaces and her hair fell down around her face.  I saw her hair and thought what a perfect colour it was, then she sat up and I realised it was one of my clients and I had been colouring her hair for years!"

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Have you heard about ghd curve?  It's a fabulous and exciting new range of tongs & wands from ghd.  They feature tri-zone technology for healthier-looking curls that stay locked-in all day and night.  Each ghd curve tong contains patented tri-zone breakthrough ceramic technology that guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C.  This is maintained with six quick-thinking sensors in the tri-zone barrel that ensures the optimum temperature is delivered constantly and evenly all along the barrel of the tong, which in turn delivers lasting curls that are formed fast and stay locked-in, while respecting the health of your hair.

Reichen's favourite is the Classic Tong.  "Why?" I hear you ask.  "Because it gives you different options for your styling depending on the mood you are in.  You can vary from the beautiful, classic Hollywood bend, to the more carefree Beachy Wave.  It is totally up to you!"

Reichen uses the ghd Curl Spray or L'Oreal's Beach Wave in the Wild Stylers range before he starts styling to protect the hair and ensure your style holds.  He then finishes with Pureology's Strengthening Control or the Wild Stylers Next Day Hair .  "You just need a little something to finish and dress out the wave."

From the Bedroom Brunch to a glamorous Cocktail Party, the ghd Curve range will give you classic style and volume, even on shorter hair.


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